Studio Guidelines

· If you feel unwell please do not attend the studio. If you have Coronavirus symptoms follow NHS / Government advice.

· When you arrive at the studio your temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer.

· You need to bring your own equipment for the day. We can supply paper.

· Please bring your own cup to make your own drink or a flask.

· Upon entry to the Studio please wash your hands for 20 seconds, following the hand washing poster.

· We need you to pay either by BACS, or contactless card, or if you have to bring money please put the correct amount in an envelope.

· Stay at the table you choose to sit at and follow social distancing guidelines.

· When using the facilities, you must use a supplied wipe afterwards to clean the area.

· We expect you to wear a mask (unless you have medical reason not to).

· Enjoy being at Garage Art Group!

Risk Assessment

Garage Art Group COVID.pdf