Our supporters

A huge thank you to all the charitable trusts and foundations who have supported Garage Art Group over the years, and more recently:

W.E.D. Charitable Trust

Evesham Rotary in the Vale

The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust

Albright Grimley Charity

The Nora Smith Charitable Trust

Andrew Harris

Hida Farr Charitable Trust


Harvine Walker

Val Gisbourne

Thank you to the following organisations and businesses for their generosity and help:

Zim Print, Evesham

Thank you for your support by hosting our fundraising events:

Badsey Recreation Club

Ferry View, Evesham

Thank you for having our charity collection tins and for the generosity of your customers:

Red Lion, Evesham

One Stop, Evesham

Sew U Knit Crafts, Broadway