'It's been a real eye-opener for me as I didn't think I could do half of what I have been helped to create. It's given me a real interest and I enjoy the social side of it.'

‘I only felt able to take up this post because of the feeling of confidence inspired in me by the Garage Arts Group and the support of my family.’

‘Garage Art Group has helped me re-engage with my local community…’

'I know I can relax when I come to the art classes! Great distraction and therapy.'

'..finding I could do something I didn't think I was capable of. Also meeting new people.'

‘Whilst attending the group, my confidence has soared…also I can now talk to strangers without feeling inferior. My independence has also grown, from being very needy to being self-sufficient.’

‘I now work part-time and volunteer, and have my life back in balance’.