'It's been a real eye-opener for me as I didn't think I could do half of what I have been helped to create. It's given me a real interest and I enjoy the social side of it.'

‘I only felt able to take up this post because of the feeling of confidence inspired in me by the Garage Arts Group and the support of my family.’

‘Garage Art Group has helped me re-engage with my local community…’

'I know I can relax when I come to the art classes! Great distraction and therapy.'

'My son absolutely loves going to this art class. Everyone here are lovely and I can't thank them enough for being so kind. This is definately my son's favourite thing he does.'

'Nearly 20 years ago, I suddenly out of the blue, became very ill with depression. I attended a day centre at Waterside hospital and after a while was given the opportunity to do Art as a therapy. Very reluctantly I agreed to give it a try.

This is where I first met Pam White who helped me so much during this very dark and difficult time. As my health progressed I was encouraged to move to G.A.G. and my health and confidence gradually came back, and I even discovered I could do a bit of art which I had not done since my school days.

My art work I am told has improved as has my mental health and confidence and my whole life thanks to this wonderful caring group thank you.

I attend Wednesday afternoon group we are a happy and diverse group, we all tend to do different types of art which is good. We are a very close group some of us being together for many years and forming long friendships, we know each other well enough to criticise and praise each other’s work which is good for us all. We love to have new members in to our group and soon make them feel at ease so if you just need a hobby, have health problems or just enjoy painting and other arts please join us art is for everyone and our tutors are wonderful.'

'..finding I could do something I didn't think I was capable of. Also meeting new people.'

‘Whilst attending the group, my confidence has soared…also I can now talk to strangers without feeling inferior. My independence has also grown, from being very needy to being self-sufficient.’

'I love the Garage Art Group because once I have walked through the door I know I am amongst friends and I can sustain the world out. The classes are fun, doing art and creating, anything we want. It’s just great. When I leave a session I feel great. I would recommend anyone joining. I volunteer as a Tutor and love working with the special needs students, it is amazing.'

‘I now work part-time and volunteer, and have my life back in balance’.

'Good Morning Pam, Just a big thank you to you, Alison and your students for such a warm welcome yesterday. I really appreciated people sharing their experiences with me and was bowled over by the warmth they clearly felt for the group as a whole and the benefit to all of their lives it clearly provides.... Warm wishes, Sally, MIND'

'I’ll tell you what it means to me. A change of scene, a therapy. A chance to share, a time to shine. Showing off a skill of mine. When days are busy, full of stress. There’s a place to self express. Exploring colour, texture, tone. Creating art to call my own.'

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