Vale Active Art project

Theme — When It's Dark, Look for Stars

We all face difficulties from time to time and our group aims to promote health and wellbeing for all members of society through the visual arts. Taking part in our art classes can help to overcome anxiety and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Garage Art Group can be that glimmer of light when all around looks dark.

The bike is based on Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting of the same name.

The Vale Active Art Trail is a new art exhibition for 2022, created by Cycle Evesham Vale. But… unlike a normal art exhibition, where everything is in one place, we’ve spread it out around the Vale of Evesham.

The idea is to encourage you to use ‘active travel’ — walking, running or cycling — to visit all the wonderfully-decorated bikes. Either do them one or two at a time or complete the whole trail in a day. Each bike will have a QR code you can scan to find out more about the artist behind the work.

At the end of the summer we’ll be auctioning all the bikes. The lucky winners will get a unique piece of art for their home or workplace, and the money will all be donated to Evesham Adventure Playground Association.